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Very few things create fear in students more than writing a detailed essay. For students, essay writing means long hours of hard work without any breaks. In addition, one of the most difficult parts of academic life for students is delivering their homework within a tight deadline. 

Many students face major issues while working on their academic essays. Therefore, an essay writing service becomes essential for students to boost their scores. We at Homework Queen come up with the 5 best tips and tricks to make your work a little easy.

Tip 1 – Organize Your Content in Logical Order 

The logical flow of content is an essential characteristic of a good essay. That means the content should be in chronological order. The logical order of the essay and effective transitions work hand in hand. 

For example, while writing an essay if the writer logically shifts from one point to another, it is considered well thought out and high quality content. Also, connecting two passages together will be much easier to understand compared to joining two discordant paragraphs.

However, many students fail to achieve logical sequence in their essays. Therefore, choosing an essay writing service, an expert writer will enhance the overall quality of the content. By following well defined and pre decided points, you end up having a high quality essay before the deadline. It also helps the writer to 

  • Build Coherent 
  • Consistent Paragraphs.
  • Improves Quality
  • Helps Maintain Consistency

Tip 2 – Structure Your Work


An introduction is the first and most important sub-section of the essay. In this section, you will introduce the topic to the readers and the professor. Do not forget to add the thesis statement at the end of this paragraph.

 A thesis statement is a small sentence that will help the audience to understand your opinion and ideology regarding the topic. Also, it helps the readers to expect what is coming in the following paragraphs.

While writing the introduction you need to make sure to add the following key points:

  • It should be interesting and eye catching
  • It should contain a well structured thesis statement at the end of the paragraph
  • It should be easy to understand 

Body Paragraphs

In this section, you will write the main content of your essay. You need to write 2 to 3 well formed paragraphs providing evidence to support your thesis.

In the body paragraphs, you will provide detailed information and build your case. Each paragraph should cover a specific topic. Also, it should clearly state the purpose along with what the paragraph is about. In addition, every sentence and paragraph should explain how the information relates to the topic and is useful for the audience.

Always keep in mind that each body paragraph should have details about only 1 supporting key point. Since having too much information without a formal sequence may confuse the readers.  

As you write your body paragraphs you may come across new pieces of information or make connections that you did not plan beforehand. Since this is to be expected do not hesitate to improvise your consent. 


The conclusion is the last and final component of an academic essay. In this section, you need to write a small description of the key points of the essay. Make sure to cover all the critical points and make your opinion clear to the professor. 

Tip 3 – Build a Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the most important piece of any type of essay. Since a poorly written thesis statement can divert your essay’s direction and can create confusion between you and your professor. Hence, result in low grades and poor academic performance.

However, many students ask, what is a thesis statement? A thesis statement is a sentence that represents your opinion. Using the thesis the student defines their position regarding the topic and helps readers to expect what is coming next.

In case, students need an additional helping hand to form a strong thesis statement. We highly encourage students to choose an online essay writing service from Homework Queen.

Tip 4 – First Draft is Not the Final Draft

While preparing your academic essay for college after researching. Keep in mind that your first draft is not your final essay which you are going to present in your class. Initially, you should create a rough draft with all your ideas and researched data. 

In this step, do not hold back in creating a mess since you are going to edit it again later. You should write all your thoughts and ideas regarding the topic.

Furthermore, the primary purpose of an academic essay is to gather evidence for your theories. 

Everyone knows that research is important. Yet, many students avoid it like the plague since they find it a tedious job. But, for those who like to learn and achieve an A+ grade then a high quality essay is not just important—it’s imperative.

The priorities at this step are as follows:

  • Write all your thoughts and ideas, and do not hesitate to make a mess — write now, and correct it later.
  • Keep your notes organized and in chronological order. This will help when you come to make your final draft.
  • Expressing your ideas as clearly as possible. So, there is no confusion between your ideology and the professor.

Tip 5 – Unique and Plagiarism Free 

Writing a plagiarism free essay is most important for students to achieve their desired grades. Copyrighted content from the internet is considered cheating and often looked down upon. Most universities around the globe have strict rules and regulations regarding the plagiarized essay. 

However, students who have opted for an essay writing service do not need to stress out. Since the expert will make sure to provide plagiarism free and 100% unique content. Furthermore, the professional writer will make sure to use various tools and techniques to make your essay 100% original.

Final thoughts

A lot goes into writing a high quality and detailed essay. Fortunately, keeping the above discussed points can help students to score better grades. In most universities, the rules of writing an essay are generally undefined.

Since essays play a major part in academic grades, students who are struggling with their homework. We encourage students to choose an essay writing service from Homework Queen. Since an expert writer will make sure to deliver a plagiarism free assignment within the decided deadline.